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7 DAYS OF EFT Tapping to LIBERATE you from your fears and unlock the power and sovereignty of your soul.

EFT = acupunture without the needles.

We tap in a specific sequence on energy meridian points on the body to release old energy, traumas, fears and anxieties, limiting beliefs, stored emotions, karmic patterns...everything holding you back.

Through tapping we LIBERATE ourselves to BE OURSELVES!

The releases are potent, and the affirmations we speak while tapping integrate new beliefs at a deep and profound level.

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7 Days, 7 Tapping Sessions, a Lifetime of LIBERATION!

DAY 1: Letting go of the past

DAY 2: Forgivness

DAY 3: Stepping into self-love

DAY 4: Embracing the flawed human

DAY 5: Building trust in yourself

DAY 6: Calling in what you want

DAY 7: Total liberation



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